I'm a business consultant that coaches ambitious, action-oriented Gen X service-based solopreneurs that are struggling with their business decisions. I give priority attention to clarity, confidence, and creating a focused plan for success with them! Time management, productivity, goal setting, and business strategy are all components of the work I do with my clients. If you struggle with growing your business, managing your time, or pinpointing actionable goals with manageable steps, I'm just the person you want to speak with! My passion is to break down your brick walls -- all the obstacles that are stalling you -- and see you flourish!

Pamela's Bio

I'm a business consultant that coaches ambitious, action-oriented Gen X service-based solopreneurs how to build successful and sustainable businesses. I'm the founder & CEO of Pamela Lewerenz - The Brick Wall Coach, with a mission of positively impacting business owners with my five pillars of belief: 
• Kindness & compassion go a long way
• Be genuine & trustworthy
• Stay humble
• Know when to say no
• Learning and growing is a continual part of life

I work with clients either 1:1, in small groups, or through my workshops to help them to gain clarity, increase their confidence, and build a strong business foundation that includes business planning, steps to reaching goals, and the ever popular time management. My mission is to see business owners flourish and I do that by working with them to breaking through their brick walls -- any obstacle that's in their way of business success!

I'm the proud mother to five wonderful grown children, gramma to six beautiful grandbabies; wife to a man who supports all my dreams; and one of seven children that grew up in an era of The Waltons, Mary Tyler Moore, disco music, Saturday morning cartoons, and 8 track players. I was a top honors graduate from high school, attended both business school and college, and have worked in the education field as an executive administrative assistant, the healthcare field as an administrator and human resources manager, and was an elected official in my hometown for over 13 years.  Volunteering is something I really enjoy doing and I've been a part of Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, the PTO, two libraries, the Lions Club, and other organizations where I felt I was making a difference. 


One of my proudest professional moments when receiving my Certified Municipal Collectors certificate after three years of classes and a state exam.  I was the elected tax collector in my town for several years as well as holding the office of Selectman for several months.  Taking an active role in my town's government was an effective way to impact the lives around me.


My parents and four of my siblings were all entrepreneurs so I knew that, when I tired of working the 9 to 5 hustle, opening my own company was "the thing" to do!  Owning my own business gives me the opportunity to combine my love of helping others while earning money and, with the right combination of these two, I run a very successful business that I love and am proud of building from the ground floor up.

Being the CEO of my business gives me the opportunity to follow the loves of my life which include spending quality time snuggling with some of my favorite little loves; photography; beachcombing; baking & cooking; reading; geocaching; hiking; and traveling throughout the US.


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