About Me

A few fun facts about me:

  • I love to read; am a coffee enthusiast & a tea fanatic; find cooking & baking relaxing; am on a mission to travel to every state in the US; and have dabbled in photography since my teen years

  • I'm happily married to my soulmate John, who is my sun, stars, and moon!

  • I have 5 children & 6 grandchildren and love to spend time with all of them whenever I can

  • My favorite place is the beach - any beach - and I find that's where I do my best thinking; a second favorite spot is the mountains because I love nature & hiking the trails!

  • Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday and you'll find me in the kitchen, baking & singing loudly to Christmas carols most of the month of December

  • As the years go by, I find myself getting more adventurous (what's up with that?!)...a few years ago I got my first tattoo, which was an item off my bucket list. I also went on a big adventure to a forest climbing park & went aerial trail blazing in the trees...that was an amazing adventure! 

  • I am thankful for even the smallest of things & practice showing gratitude everyday  

  • I love what I do & do what I love --- helping others is in my blood, as I come from a family of entrepreneurs

"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."

Pamela Lewerenz, Your Masterful Mentor, The Brick Wall Coach


How the Brick Wall Coach was born...

I started out with a side-hustle bookkeeping and management business in 2009.  In October 2014, while on a two-week vacation in the Outer Banks, I made the decision to leave my full-time position as an elected Revenue Collector to pursue my dream to be a full-time business consultant.  I gave myself a year to grow my business.  For the next year, I worked double-duty, working my job days and building my business in the evenings (and sometimes well into the wee hours of the morning!)  But it was all worth it!  


In November 2015, I opened my virtual door as a full-time business owner and haven't looked back since!  Since that time, I have changed focus, re-branded and continue to grow my business.

I have worked with all types of entrepreneurs including coaches, consultants, professionals in the financial services field, the arts, healthcare professionals, entertainers, and politicians. 

Check out my Client Testimonials or Book a Discovery Call with me today to see how I can transform your goals into the successful & profitable business you deserve!

My 5 Pillars of Belief
  • Kindness & compassion go a long way   

  • Be genuine & trustworthy

  • Stay humble 

  • Know when to say no 

  • Learning & growing is a continual part of life

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